I’ve often said that the unkindness of other people rarely touches me. That doesn’t mean unkind things aren’t said or mistruths isn’t spread. When someone says something about me, that’s untrue. Most people who know me would go to war for me.

Why the unkindness of others rarely touches me is simply that I’ve spent so much energy, time, and resource being unkind to myself in a way that anything anyone else could offer would simply pale in comparison.

I’ve been unkind to myself, far longer with an unimaginable cruelty that simply anyone else’s attempt could barely muster.

Today, I was reminded by a good friend that I should treat her friend (me) with more kindness. Maybe this could serve as a reminder for yourself, my reader.

It is an extremely hard time to be in business right now. Just surviving is a measurement of success right now. Hold on. Be kind. Rest. Breathe.

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