They’re jealous of what you’ve got. Not of the journey of how you got it. The journey is often hard. The journey is often lonely. The journey requires more from you than you can give. Nobody is truly envious of the whole journey.

Too much idea for one person

I don’t sleep. Running through my mind is handreds of ideas a day that I sort through as to which one I have the resources and tools to execute. It’s capturing lightning in a bottle. Sometimes, I don’t have enough bottles to capture all the lightning in my mind. The ideas 💡 guy is, most […]

An Exercise in Ego

In my entrepreneurial career, an undeniable truth has emerged: the allure of a challenge often intertwines with the complexities of ego—not just my clients’ but my own, it turns out I am in fact human. I’ve observed a recurring pattern where my desire to fix struggling businesses is often shadowed by an underlying force—the business […]

You’re the hardest boss you’ll ever have.

When you start your own business, you often hear about the perk of choosing your own hours. What’s left out is that you end up choosing to work all of them (not me currently writing a blog because I can’t sleep at 11.01pm on a Friday night). It quickly becomes clear that in self-employment, the […]

The Best Fish

Imagine you are a fisherman seeking to catch the finest quality fish. Instead of casting your net in the vast, unpredictable ocean where countless types of fish reside, you choose a smaller, more specific lake known for the type of fish you desire. This lake, though smaller, is rich with the exact fish you aim […]


I’ve invested a lot of hours into failure. I’ve explored every crevice, every corner, every nook that Failure might live. If it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert, I’m the Platinum Elite status on failure. What took me far too long to realise is success on the other side of failure.


Occasionally a second pair of eyes can stop you from overengineering the solution or stalling out from a skills gap, work with what you’ve got.