The thing about a purpose is that intentionally or otherwise, we are always driving towards one even when we don’t know what the purpose might be.

‘Real men’

I’ve long been troubled by the concept of “othering” and its pervasive effects on our language and behaviors. When we categorise the undesirable actions of others as distinct from our own, we unintentionally create isolation that can lead to harmful consequences. A striking example occurred today, within the context of discussions asserting that “real men” […]

Worth your weight in gold.

I was at a sound healing retreat over the weekend in the beautiful caves of Yanchep. In one of the moments of meditation, one of the facilitators said, “You’re worth your weight in Gold.” So I did the math. Gold is currently worth approximately $114,445 a kg. I am currently 89.9 kg. Which would mean […]

Be Kind To My Friend

I’ve often said that the unkindness of other people rarely touches me. That doesn’t mean unkind things aren’t said or mistruths isn’t spread. When someone says something about me, that’s untrue. Most people who know me would go to war for me. Why the unkindness of others rarely touches me is simply that I’ve spent […]


I’ve been learning (again) that life is full of unexpected twists that can truly test our patience. Here lies a powerful choice. What’s currently challenging you? Is it a tangible problem or simply a situation? Problems invite solutions. They might require more investment, greater effort, or higher risks. Within these challenges lies the potential for […]

Neurodiverse Math

I can’t speak for everyone except for my own neurospicy brain. My 80% perfection is everyone else’s 100%. I’ve had to learn to put things down at 80%, or I fixate and focus long beyond the time that the thing I was fixating on was profitable. Put it down. Take a breath. Get feedback from […]

Relentless Button Pusher

There is something in me that doesn’t hesitate to push a button my curiosity overpowers any sense of fear others might have. I told someone once many years ago that there is (for the most part) a delete, backspace, or esc key for a reason if you ever break something in technology. Or you just […]

Know thyself

Our identities extend beyond the physical into the realm of social media and online interactions. Understanding ourselves, our values, boundaries, and goals is not just beneficial; it’s essential. This self-awareness is a critical component when facing online attacks or trolling. Grasping who I am and what I stand for helps manage negative online experiences with […]

Lose Lose

There is a divisiveness inherent in many aspects of modern life. This divisiveness is often exacerbated by various forces that segment us into distinct categories – political affiliations, socio-economic statuses, educational backgrounds, and personal beliefs. These forces might include the strategies used by marketers to target specific demographics, political tactics that emphasize differences rather than […]

Embrace your villain era.

People pleasing is nothing more than a person who has no boundaries. It’s neither healthy nor good. It’s safer to be the bad guy who says no once in a while.