Our identities extend beyond the physical into the realm of social media and online interactions. Understanding ourselves, our values, boundaries, and goals is not just beneficial; it’s essential. This self-awareness is a critical component when facing online attacks or trolling.

Grasping who I am and what I stand for helps manage negative online experiences with resilience and emotional stability. This doesn’t mean being impervious to criticism or feedback but rather maintaining a clear sense of self that helps filter and respond to such negativity constructively.

There’s some important strategies for this that are always top of mind for me.

Set Personal Boundaries: Know what you will share and keep private (meaning completely offline) to maintain control over your online presence. A good measure of this for me is what would I be ok with being plastered on a billboard over the freeway?

Cultivate a Support Network: Surround yourself with good humans, reinforcing your sense of self and buffering against negativity.

Engage Purposefully: Align online activities with your personal and professional values, making it easier to dismiss irrelevant attacks.

Embrace Authenticity: Being true to your values and consistent in your online persona, you build a resilient identity that withstands external pressures.

At this point of total invasion of the Internet in our lives, your digital well-being extends to our well-being in life. Negativity doesn’t stop, but we can choose to let it disrupt our inner peace or professional focus.

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