I don’t sleep.

Running through my mind is handreds of ideas a day that I sort through as to which one I have the resources and tools to execute.

It’s capturing lightning in a bottle. Sometimes, I don’t have enough bottles to capture all the lightning in my mind.

The ideas 💡 guy is, most of the time, not the one who gets paid. It’s the one who executes the idea into something tangible. I’ve had many a conversation with a startup founder who, before they’ve even made a cent or before they’ve validated their idea, they believe they’re entitled to 80% equity just for the idea.

These are usually the start-up founders I’ve made cry.

I am the dream crusher of stupid ideas.

I’ve often told the dreamers to stay away from me with the ideas they’ve fallen in love with because I’d rather be hated and not lose your home for your idea than you feel good for a moment on foolish errands.

A.I. has increased the volume of mediocrity of ideas, and marketing makes a bad idea fail faster. The marketers who are bad actors in my industry won’t care if this is your dream, won’t care that you’ve mortgaged your home, won’t care about the risk you’ve taken for the reward.

A good marketer will tell you to go do your research by talking to your customers and getting validation that your business solves a problem big enough that people will put their hand in their pocket and hand you money and if you really care about your idea you’ll test the market or talk to them.

Don’t avoid this because you have a discomfort with hearing the word ‘no’.

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